Simple water level indicator

Through bioindicators, scientists need to observe only the single indicating species to check on the environment rather than monitor the whole community. Biomonitoring of air pollutants can be passive or active.

Simple water level indicator

This article is a about a fully functional water level controller using Arduino. The circuit automatically switches the motor OFF when the tank is full. The circuit also monitors the level of water in the sump tank source tank.

If the level in side the sump tank is low, the motor will not be switched ON and this protects the motor from dry running. A beep sound is generated when the level in the sump tank is low or if there is any fault with the sensors.

The circuit diagram of the water level controller using Arduino is shown above.

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Conductive method is used to measure the level. The dry ends of these wires are connected to analog input pins A1, A2, A3 and A4 of the Arduino respectively. Resistors R6 to R9 are pull down resistors. As a result current flows through that probe and this current is converted into a proportional voltage by the pull down resistor.

Arduino reads the voltage dropped across each pull down resistor for sensing the level of water in the tank. Same method is used for measuring the level of water in the sump tank. Digital pin 7 of the Arduino controls the buzzer and digital pin 8 controls the motor.

Transistor Q1 drives the buzzer and resistor R5 limits the base current of Q1. Transistor Q2 drives the relay.

Resistor R3 limits the base current of Q2.

Simple water level indicator

D2 is a freewheeling diode. Complete program for the water level controller using Arduino is given below.

Water Level Indicator Circuit Diagram-Liquid Level Sensor Project

The Arduino reads the sensor output through the analog input pins using analogRead function. This way the voltage at each prob is scanned to corresponding variables. The these variables are compared to a fixed number here for identifying the current condition.

The circuit is powered through the 9V external power jack on the arduino board. Use good quality aluminum wires for probe. Do not use copper wires.The circuit is simple and uses a single IC and a few components.

The main part of the water level circuit is the 7 channel Darlington array IC ULN Its seven inputs are connected to seven probes to sense the water level and the corresponding outputs are connected .

In ancient China, as well as throughout East Asia, water clocks were very important in the study of astronomy and oldest written reference dates the use of the water-clock in China to the 6th century BCE.

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From about BCE onwards, the outflow clepsydra was replaced almost everywhere in China by the inflow type with an indicator . The water level alarm circuit is a simple mechanism to detect and indicate the level of water in the overhead tank and also in the other containers.

Nowadays, all the householders/owners are storing the water . Rain Harvesting Pty Ltd TATG02 Tank Gauge Level Indicator, monitoring your rainwater made easy: Rain Barrels: Garden & Outdoor. So here is a simple and handy DIY that will guide you to make a circuit which will detect the water level and will raise an alarm upon getting the water tank full or a preset level.

This simple transistor based water level indicator circuit is very useful to indicate the water levels in a tank. Sapcon is the leading manufacturer of level sensors and speed monitoring solutions, such as level switches, level transmitters, vibrating fork, instruments based on the principles of admittance, capacitance, conductivity, ultrasonic, .

Water Level Indicator Alarm Circuit Working And Applications