Sales territory design

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Sales territory design

Selection of Sales Territory — Procedure, Rationale, Factors One of the quite widely utilized ways of setting up a territory is to base it on some geographical basis.

Accordingly, one can have a territory confined to a village, town, city, region, or state.

Rationale of designing a sales territory The rationale for designing a territory on a geographical basis is that by clubbing together customers located in one or more particular places, the company will be able to serve them most economically and conveniently.

Many companies ignore this geographical consideration, and allocates sales responsibilities to sales personnel on the basis of the class of customers, regardless of their location. In certain cases, companies have highly specialized sales people who are assigned the job of serving customers who are in need of their skills.

It is, however, not always necessary or desirable for a company to assign geographical clusters of customers or prospects to salesmen. In fact, the determination of such assignment depends on the type of product, customer service requirements, the cost involved in meeting it, etc.

Sales Territory Design with

While allocating territory, the following facts should be borne in mind: Procedure for setting up Sales Territories 1. Territories should be so defined that the expected commission for each salesman may be roughly the same.

Territories should not be too big, otherwise they will not be properly served; 3. A new salesman should not be given an independent territory.

Sales territory design

He should rather be asked to help a senior salesman in that territory and pick up the technique of work; 5. Territories should be so planned that the expenditure incurred on covering them is maintained at the lowest possible level; 6.

Territories should be flexible.

Isn't all telemarketing the same?

A larger territory should be given to a senior salesman as a sort of promotion; 7. As far possible, the transfer of salesman from one territory to another should be avoided on account of the limited scope for work.

However, for temperamental reasons, a transfer may become desirable. With certain classes of product, such as highly technical equipment or materials or specialty goods, the principle is often adopted of creating territories by class of business.

Important factors in deciding Sales Territories Several important factors have to be taken into account before deciding about the allocation of sales territories, such as: The number and location of customers a salesman can efficiently deal with: The place of production; 4.Sales Territory Design.

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Selection of Sales Territory | Procedure | Rationale | Factors

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Sales territory design

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Sales Territory Alignment: Software or Analytical Services? This executive sales management brief offers a step-by-step decision process to help you choose between licensing software or contracting for analytical services to optimize sales territories.

The Merits of Using Sales Territory Plan Templates Sales plan is effectively a strategy that outlines the aims and objectives of a sales team with regard to its sales targets. The plan involves actions that the team must take in order to fulfill all their pre-set goals.

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