Prospects of advertising in nigeria

However, despite the fast development, the Nigerian online advertising market is still considerably behind the world market in terms of competitiveness. It can be explained by some significant problems that negatively affect this economic area.

Prospects of advertising in nigeria

For advertising media products and services providers at times like this, value-focused marketing is imperative. To the extent that insight on intricacies peculiar to various media vehicles will help marketing efforts by media platform, it beneficial to learn from on experienced professionals.

The following is an excerpt of a paper on the value of outdoor advert media, challenges and prospects for practitioners by the President of Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria OAANMr.

Charles Chijide, at a seminar. Characteristically, out of home advertising is focused on engaging the target audience when they are out of their homes in other words, when they are on the move. The role outdoor advert media are challenged to play bestows on them so much responsibility which has necessitated a lot of aggression, creativity, persuasion and target audience engagement abilities.

For well over 50 years, dedicated practitioners have consistently deployed this unique media vehicle for the development of advertising in our local market. From a humble beginning when the conventional billboards and posters were all there was to date, a lot has happened to up the standard and quality of services delivered by this sub sector.

3 main problems of online advertising in Nigeria

We now have global standard digital display panels in Nigeria. Today, we can boast of well over different outdoor media formats displaying across the country. In all, the growth indices evidenced upon outdoor advertising business and practice are open to common perception.

As mentioned earlier, there is a clear manifestation of local presence of global and innovative outdoor advertising products in Nigeria and a huge upscale in the level of professionalism in the quality of service delivery within the industry today.

Today, the business and service of outdoor advertising is handled by trained professionals and focused entrepreneurs. Gone are the days when outdoor advertising service was delivered by the barely literate and artisans. The leadership of OAAN has invested so much in improving the image perception of outdoor advertising practice in Nigeria.

Among our goals is enabling practitioners and personnel of our registered corporate members access to global practice standards, new learning and insight and the opportunity of interacting with global practitioners through international workshops and seminars.

I can tell you outdoor advertising growth potentials in this market are enormous. However, so much needs to bring to fore, as very essential learning for aspiring practitioners and the ordinary Nigerian, to enable a good appreciation of the challenges investors and practitioners face, in their quest for survival as practitioners and the optimization of returns on investment, for the entrepreneurs and investors in outdoor advertising practice.

To put the revelations that will follow in perspective, let us look at the practice standard in developed economies. Globally, outdoor advertising service delivery and business operations face similar constraints, as a result of its nature.

And put briefly, the constraints are: In Brazil, the City of Sao Paulo, inbanned all billboards within the city. This document is a page manual put together based on a pains-taking research project — just for the definition of outdoor advertising, the extent and impact of outdoor advertising and its impact on environmental beautification and tourism.

Nobody or group of people engage in any form of outdoor advertising in South Africa without express referral to the contents of this document.

It directs guides and informs as to locality, product, activity or service and contributes to economic growth in general.

Prospects of advertising in nigeria

However, if outdoor advertising is not controlled properly it could have a very real impact on tourism resources and the human living environment, as was experienced in countries such as the United States of America. Most advertisements are aimed at the road user and may therefore also impact on the road environment.

Control measures are therefore needed to ensure that road environments will be conducive to safe and pleasant driving. To a great extent, the need for environmental protection is a good reason for government intervention in billboards erection and outdoor advertising generally — such as is contained in SAMAOC.

Problems and prospects of online advertising in Nigeria ▷

Billboard cluster resulted in menace, such that outdoor advertising made no since due to the abuse owing from indiscriminate erection of boards.

The other part of government control on outdoor advertising has to do with rates and levies due government agencies and department for the use of permitted outdoor space also worldwide.

Such payments are statutory and ordinarily come through as permits for display of advert messages and use of public space. In properly structured society such levies are collected directly by the municipal or local government councils with jurisdiction over the geographic space billboards are erected and the advert message displays.

Solution for problems and prospects of online advertising in Nigeria

World over, the two areas of government intervention stated above remain the key consideration for every outdoor service provider. So as investors or practitioners, managing the incidences of these key components will go a long way to determine the extent of any outdoor advertising business.

In other words, localizing the challenges facing outdoor advertising, throws up so many oddities that also require the attention of practitioners and entrepreneurs driven by success.

In the face of that, let us run through the peculiar challenges facing outdoor business in Nigeria, as follows: But because this arrangement is not harmonized properly in some quarters, outdoor advert agencies find themselves subjected to dual level payment — one to the state government agency and the other to the local government who insists to be paid.

Prospects of advertising in nigeria

Quality of human resource — outdoor advertising practice is still evolving from the days of old when it was lacking in adequately educated practitioners. But to mention, the industry will be better serviced by a continuous growth in the number of adequately educated practitioners.

The good thing is that the trend is growing and the situation is looking better.The marketing communications mix consists of advertising, sales, promotion, public relations and publicity, personal selling, Local Government Tax Mobilization and Utilization in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects By Adenike.A.

ADEDOKUN Senior Lecturer Dept. of Public Admin. & Local Govt. Studies The Polytechnic, Ibadan. The word “advertising” is a common term in our day to day activities. We see and hear it on the television, radio, newspapers and magazines; at street corners, on the walls and rooftops of houses, roadsides, airports, seaports, on vehicles, postage.

Advertising in Nigeria is regulated by the combination of federal, state laws, subsidiary legislation and guidelines. Different rules apply to different products with the three main agencies being the Advertising Practitioner’s Council of Nigeria (APCON), the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

new media as a tool for political advertising in Nigeria. One of the prospects is that the new media can reach a very broad audience while one of the challenges is that the ability to constantly deliver messages via the new media is difficult.

Based on the findings, the paper concludes that the extent. Outdoor advertising, also known as out-of-home advertising is a form of product promotion that targets consumers out of their homes, from billboards, posters, fliers, to vehicle interior and exterior, motor parks, airports and train stations, outdoor advertising is getting stronger as .

This paper examines the new media as a tool for political advertising in Nigeria vis- a-vis, the challenges and prospects. The new media, especially the Internet and Global System for Mobile Telecommunication (GSM) have become important political campaign tools in Nigeria and the world over.

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