Nursing in the 1900 1919 essay example

Introduction Standard theory views government as functional:

Nursing in the 1900 1919 essay example

Goldmark Report InAdelaide Nutting relentless in her efforts to document the need for nursing education reform approached the Rockefeller Foundation for support. Funding was provided, and, inthe Committee for the Study of Nursing Education was established to investigate the training of public health nurses.

Winslow, professor of public health, Yale Universitychaired the committee, composed of ten physicians, two lay persons, and six nurses: Josephine Goldmark, a social worker, served as the secretary to the committee.

As secretary, Goldmark developed the methodology of data collection and analysis for a small sampling of the schools of nursing in existence.

The study of 23 of the best nursing schools across the nation represented a cross-sample of schools—small and large, public and private. Goldmark identified the major weakness of the hospital- based training programs as that of putting the needs of the institution service delivery before the needs of the student education.

Nursing tradition and the apprenticeship form of education reinforced putting the needs of the client before the learning needs of the student.

Some major inadequacies identified in nursing education by the study were limited resources, low admission standards, lack of supervision, poorly trained instructors, and failure to correlate clinical practice with theory.

The report concluded that for nursing to be on equal footing with other disciplines, nursing education should occur in the university setting.

Nursing in the 1900 1919 essay example

A Study for Change. Several recommendations were put forth in this study, including the need for nurses to demonstrate greater professional competence by moving nursing education from the hospital to the university setting.

Although published 20 years after the Goldmark report, the Brown report identified many of the same problems in diploma education—nursing students were still being used for service by the hospitals and inadequate resources and authoritarianism in hospitals still prevailed in nursing education.

Brown recognized that nursing education in the university setting would provide the proper intellectual climate for the professional. Visionary nurse educators were securing necessary learning resources: Professional endeavors such as research and publication were being implemented by nurse leaders.

Some contributing factors to the dearth of nurses were the low esteem of nursing as a profession, long hours with a heavy workload, and low salaries. There was a proliferation of practical nursing schools in the United States to increase the supply of nurses. This era also saw passage of the Nurse Training Actwhich provided federal funds to expand enrollments in schools of nursing.

Federal funds were used to construct nursing schools, and student loans and scholarships were made available to nursing students.

Selected Legislation The Health Maintenance Organization Act of provided an alternative to the private health insurance industry. Health maintenance organizations HMOs are prepaid health plans that provide primary health care services for a predetermined fee.

See Chapter 7 for further discussion. Because the fee is set in advance of services being rendered, HMOs provide cost-effective services.

See Chapter 3 for further discussion. Through the efforts of Anne Zimmerman, former President of the ANA, the bill was amended to substitute the term primary care providers for physician extenders and, therefore, allowed nurse practitioners to be paid directly for their services. This was a major success for nursing.

The Rural Health Clinic Service Act of covered services rendered by nurse practitioners and nurse-midwives. The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of mandated payment for nurse-midwife services to needy recipients.

Nursing became an integral part in meeting the needs of vulnerable populations.

Nursing in the 1900 1919 essay example

Contemporary Reports During the s, several important studies were commissioned to examine the areas of nursing education and practice. The study, Nursing and Nursing Education: Public Policies and Private Actions, focused on the need for continued federal funding to nursing education.

The findings indicated that there was not a shortage of the general supply of nurses, but there was a serious shortage of nurses in research, teaching, administration, and advanced clinical practice. A significant nursing shortage existed in preventive and primary care for the disadvantaged and elderly in inner cities and rural areas.

During the 20th century, the evolution of medical education as an established profession had far advanced that of nursing. The Flexner report carved the destiny for physicians.

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The Goldmark and Brown reports created havoc for nurses as they debated the issue of nursing education in the university setting. The Depression and World War II brought social reform and created health and medical insurance that strengthened the organized power base of both physician and hospital.

Nursing—almost exclusively a female profession—had little power and, therefore, did not exert much influence on the social forces at play. The greatest advances for nurses were seen in the realm of public health and preventive health care.

As physicians were released from military service after World War II, the era of specialized medicine began.

The s was a decade of growth and change. As technologic advances increased the scope of practice of medicine and nursing, other social forces were at play:The problem.

Essay Research in Nursing Words | 8 Pages. Critiquing research As a central feature of national research and development strategies, clinical effectiveness emphasizes the importance of rigorous experimental research in nursing (Gillibrand et al, ). The Oxford Book of English Verse: – Chosen and Edited by A. T. Quiller-Couch: From Arthur Quiller-Couch’s Introduction to this extensive collection: “For this Anthology I have tried to range over the whole field of English Verse. Healthcare and nursing in the period would change history forever. Nursing during this time would change from the traditional bedside nursing at home to a more institutional based nursing within the hospitals (Porter-O’Grady, T. ).

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Print Reference this. Disclaimer: in , nurses in Britain achieved the status of an accountable profession, which meant that registered nurses were legally accountable for their work and can be struck off the register for unprofessional behaviour (Tilley and Watson.

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| Page The Oxford Book of English Verse: – Chosen and Edited by A. T. Quiller-Couch: From Arthur Quiller-Couch’s Introduction to this extensive collection: “For this Anthology I have tried to range over the whole field of English Verse.

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