My ancestors journey to the caribbean

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My ancestors journey to the caribbean

Adventure Nature Beaches Although powdery white beaches, turquoise seas, and swaying palm trees remain a common scene across the Caribbean, the region boasts tremendous cultural diversity across its numerous island nations.

My ancestors journey to the caribbean

Great Britain, France, Spain, and the Netherlands all left their mark as colonial powers, but the Caribbean also possesses cultures all its own.

You'll find it in the patois dialects, spicy and tangy foods, and energetic rhythms of its various musical styles.

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Islands alternate between bustling and sleepy, with a short boat ride often separating two distinct atmospheres. While many visitors spend their Caribbean vacation at an all-inclusive resort, there's also much to recommend the region to independent travelers.

The scuba diving and fishing are world-class, mountainous national parks serve up challenging hikes rewarded by sea views, and small colonial towns welcome those looking for a break from sand and sea.

But if it's postcard-worthy beaches you're after, it's hard to go wrong with almost any destination you choose.Descendants of African and Carib-Indian ancestors, the Garifuna fought to maintain their homeland on the island of St.

Vincent in the Caribbean. The Garifuna resisted slavery. For this love of freedom, they were exiled from St. Vincent to Roatan in Honduras by the British in So how'd it get to to the Caribbean? birth was an active participant in the subjugation of my ancestors, but one thing I do not feel is shame.

. Dear Ben Affleck, My Ancestors Were Slaveowners, Too responsible for transporting more than 10, people from West Africa into slavery in North and South America and the Caribbean islands.

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