Labour government and the welfare state in britain history essay

Introduction The outcome of the election was more than a sensation.

Labour government and the welfare state in britain history essay

This essay will argue to a small extent the classic Welfare State promote a more egalitarian society. It is because cost and benefit were not often equally shared under the system, within difference socio-economic groups SEGsthroughout the classic era For example, citizens pay the tax for the NHS and the rich and the poor could receive same level of treatment [3].

In this essay, egalitarian is considered as each individual contributes the same weight of cost and they should acquire the same level of benefit [4]. However, in the classic era costs were not shared but carried mainly by the poor; meanwhile the benefits were distributed unevenly between different SEGs.

Despite the society as a whole were benefit from a higher standard of housing, people who are more affluent had benefited from a regressive tax level, further education and better quality of healthcare treatment.

Taxation is the way in which government can influence individual welfare and it did not balance cost to a significant extent throughout the Classic era [5] The income tax, as a direct taxation, had become more regressive.

Labour government and the welfare state in britain history essay

Thus, the redistribution from the rich to the poor was not substantial comparing the beginning and the end of the classic era [8]. In contrast, the government revenue became more relying on the poor, partly because of the inflation. Even a married worker with two children was liable to tax in mid s [9] and they suffered from the highest marginal rate of taxation [10].

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In here we might see that direct taxation had been eroded by more regressive base. The rich, for example the managers could enjoy various subsidies. They were increasingly benefiting from, for instance free medical insurance, use of company car, and top hat pension [12].

Moreover, during s the national pension might no longer supported by a flat-rate contributions. Thus the Labour party developed a new pension scheme featured the earnings-related benefits [13].

However, according to Halsey, the wealth inequality was actually decreased between and by taxes when taking Gini coefficient into accounts.

We might argue that the regressive taxation led to an uneven share of cost in short term; in the other hand the gap was actually closing in a very gradual manner. To evaluate how egalitarian society was achieved, we might consider the quantity and quality of housing available to different SEGs.

For the poor who need to rent out, the Conservative government had set and achieved the goal of buildingcouncil housing per year in and [16]. Between andthere were averagelypublic houses being built every year [17].

In the other hand, housing had switched to high-rise tower rather than council housing. This might be seen as a tradeoff of quality for quantity. Surprisingly, the overall standards of amenities such as WC in-house did undergo an increase, despite property owner could enjoy consistently higher than household which rent from a private person [20].

Interpretation behind could be both working and middle class were taking advantages from the state intervention; while perhaps those live in the tower suffer more.This assignment is going to discuss the roles and purpose of British welfare state.

This assignment will look at what welfare state is and the problems which. The purpose of this essay is to look at the long history of the Welfare State in Britain and the evolving social, economic and political changes in society today, as well as the birth of the Welfare State after the Second World War which was the turning point (watershed) in British History.

The freshly appointed Labour government by then. From the early 18th century, there was a mixture of factors that lead to the development of the welfare state in Britain. These reforms and developments in welfare provision were a direct response to economic, political and social changes taking place at the time.

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Apr 15,  · A tutorial looking at how Labour won the general election in Britain. The tutorial also covers the establishment of the welfare state with particular focus on the NHS.

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