Johnny cant read johnny cant write anymore

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Johnny cant read johnny cant write anymore

Written by Lisa Lunney 1 June, Ladies and gentlemen, your seats please.

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The fight is on. But which version of the legendary song is best? Have you ever had a really terrible day, the kind of day where you feel so completely alone? Your friends have taken the face of enemies. Everything you believed in seems to have disappeared.

No one else has ever been this sad, been this lonely. Hurt is a perfect storm of musical talents combined to make a song so strong it will either break your heart, or fix a broken one. A song of that power and magnitude is rare.

It is a man desperate, lost in the world of drugs — stuck reliving his hurts with an addiction. The video depicts a great long life, filled with pain, love and regret. I have outmost respect for Reznor for writing such a timeless song that has transcended genres and generations to allow for reinterpretation and multiple meanings for different musicians and listeners.

That is the mark of a great songwriter. The Nine Inch Nails version has an entirely different connotation that speaks to a different audience. Cash has a tone of redemption; he is a man that is at the end of his life that is sending out a message to make life beautiful, and not to have regrets.

The power of the song lies within its intoxicating tone, as soon as you hear the first bar, the song has you. You are taken into a world of extreme sadness, into a world meeting its end.

You meet a man looking for redemption, to change his life—but it is too late. He would give everything up to go back and do it all over, simply to live his life, to have more time.

johnny cant read johnny cant write anymore

Every action, every decision led to pain, whether it be to himself or those he loved. There is no interpretation needed to decipher the fact that Cash is an obvious creative artist and intensely deep-thinker.

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He reflects not only on the sadness of his life, but of sadness itself.Graco Bumper Jumper Doorway Baby Bouncer, in Little Jungle Jump for Fun.

Your little one will love bouncing up and down in Graco’s Bumper Jumper doorway baby bouncer, in Little Jungle. September 12, - Johnny Cash, a towering figure in American music spanning country, rock and folk and known worldwide as "The Man in Black," has died, according to hospital officials in Nashville, Tenn.

Nine Inch Nails Vs Johnny Cash - which version of Hurt is the best? Our writer Lisa Lunney walks us through the comparison.

Nine Inch Nails Vs Johnny Cash - which version of Hurt is best? | Louder Than War

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