Is democracy a basic social good essay

This word is democracy, and it can instill a sense of liberty, freedom, and patriotism at least for many Americans. Realistically, it is a way of life which has a sense of altruism to it; it is for the overall good of a people. In many ways it can be a good and positive thing for a society, and this can be demonstrated in examples that occur in everyday living.

Is democracy a basic social good essay

Governance implies control, direction, and rule with authority or administers laws to govern a system to achieve certain objectives. Good Governance implies running administration according to the defined laws to achieve the objective of promoting the welfare of the people in a democratic oriented order.

Bad governance means departing from the norms of laws and subjecting system of administration to whims, idiosyncrasies of the rulers to achieve certain ulterior motives at the cost of national interests.

The hallmark of great nations is that they learn from their past experience to become wiser in conducting their current and future affairs. Another distinctive feature of such nations is that they try to understand the emerging long-term trends to identify new challenges, and plan for the future so as to take maximum advantage of the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls that may lie ahead.

On the other hand, the nations on the trajectory of decay and ultimate oblivion neither learn from the past nor have the inclination to look ahead into the future to plan for their security, progress and welfare.

All it lacks in the context of Pakistan; socially, economically and politically as well. It is always based upon certain rules and laws established by the members of a society. These laws agreed upon by the society are, in fact, to make governance pro-welfare in the larger interest of the people.

The ultimate goal of governance is human development through decreasing human suffering and increasing opportunities. Whereas Good Governance guarantees safety and security of human beings and creates an atmosphere conducive to progress and prosperity.

Bad governance has the germs of fathering a number of crises. No state is free of all crises but it is the quality of governance that ensures its survival through any crisis.

Crisis management requires employment of all available resources, human, physical and technological in the best manner and it is only possible in Good Governance.

States having Good Governance are capable of fighting any crisis even with the meager resources. As for fairness, it calls for ensuring equality of opportunity through merit, transparency to meet the end of justice.

Competence and ability are inter-related inasmuch as ability is linked to competence of an individual. The recognition of competence through merit in employment needs to be accorded the highest priority to lay basis for Good Governance.

The worth of an individual in functionally specific societies depends upon his competence and ability to do a job efficiently rather than his family connections to secure a job for which he is not suited.

Jobs are offered to individuals on the basis of their competence and ability in societies that have Good Governance. In pluralistic societies like Pakistan, it is not the suitability of an individual for a particular job but his clannish connections plus the influence he wields in political hierarchy that could get him a job though he may not possess the required qualifications.

In such societies merit is discarded to accommodate certain favourites and jobs particularly in public sector go to those who do not possess competence to man them. Handling of jobs by incompetent personnel gives a set back to Good Governance for achieving efficient-oriented results.

Good Governance stands for the strength of various types of institutions, political, economic and legal. Institutions need to be built and sustained, which could guarantee the survival of the nation in times of catastrophes or perils.

Institutions need to be stronger than individuals. Unfortunately, a little effort has been made to build institutions on a stable footing in Pakistan as individual shave taken a precedence over institutions.

The trend is to be reversed for achieving real stability. The latter comes not through individuals but through institutions. We must not allow the erosion of institutions through the idiosyncratic behaviour of rulers and this would necessitate more doses of democracy.

Good Governance is linked to the development of institutions, and through these Pakistan can hope to meet the varied challenges of the 21st century. Pakistan suffers from a number of crises. Every crisis has negative effect on its polity and society.

But the foremost crisis that Pakistan is facing is that of Good Governance. It is the core of all other problems.Basic Principles Of Democracy Essays: Over , Basic Principles Of Democracy Essays, Basic Principles Of Democracy Term Papers, Basic Principles Of Democracy Research Paper, Book Reports.

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Is democracy a basic social good essay

This word is democracy, and it. It is a word with no real definition, but rather a word that can be interpreted differently to each individual who uses it. This word is democracy, and it. EduCheer! Is Democracy A Basic Social Good.

Filed Under: Essays. 4 pages, words. It is so tremendous that we as citizens have the power to make decisions for ourselves and the social good.

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Those are the kinds of ideals of this modern democracy that our founding fathers wanted for all; basically a country for the people, by the people. Free Essay: It is a word with no real definition, but rather a word that can be interpreted differently to each individual who uses it.

Is democracy a basic social good essay

This word is. Self-denying rules can strengthen democracy by preventing people from voting for spending policies that produce bankruptcy and social breakdown and by protecting minorities from persecution. Democracy is a very powerful and basic part of our lives.

It gives us the privilege of possessing freedom, equal rights, active participation, and responsibility to help govern our nation.

We are making the choices which will affect us, and if we look at politics right now, we see that we .

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