How to write an email to a college admissions counselor

All applicants with the exception of Career and College Promise applicants must complete a Residency Determination request to determine your tuition status in state or out of state prior to completing and submitting an Admissions application.

How to write an email to a college admissions counselor

Does your teenager have a learning disability? If so, the whole college process might seem even more daunting. With these parents in mind, I recently talked with Joy Appa college consultant in Houston, who has worked with many teenagers with learning disabilities.

I am passing along some of her advice for parents of learning disabled teenagers. She calls this book her bible: Schools With Strong Learning Disability Programs App also shared with me schools that are considered strong for students with learning disabilities.

She said in her experience private colleges and universities typically have better programs for these students than state institutions.

how to write an email to a college admissions counselor

If you want to recommend other schools, please share in the comment box below! Should You Disclose a Learning Disability? During the college admission process, many families struggle with the disclosure issue.

The Texas consultant, however, reassures parents that the admission and disability offices at any college are prohibited from talking to each other. Of course, this leads to the inevitable question of whether a student should reveal to an admission office that he or she is dyslexic, ADHD or possesses some other learning issues.

how to write an email to a college admissions counselor

I agree with App who says students should disclose this. You can read the post here: Getting Into College With Learning Disabilities Here are a few other facts that I picked up about learning disabilities when I attended a session at the annual conference of the Higher Education Consultants Association earlier this summer: Not a good idea!

Once you have the answers to those questions, you'll usually have the name and email address of the person who is the admissions councilor for your region (in your case, the international councilor) and you can address subsequent email to that person. You might be writing an email to an admissions counselor to ask for advice, check the status of an application, or just to get a bit more information. Here’s how to compose an email in a way that will not cause the counselor to hit the delete button, or worse, make the counselor reconsider an acceptance to the college. By checking this box, I agree that Walden University may contact me by email, text message, autodialed telephone call, and prerecorded message at the contact information provided above regarding opportunities and offers to further my education.

Colleges and universities are creating more structured learning support programs for their students with learning disabilities. There is a demand for these programs, but they can also be moneymakers for the institutions.

For instance, students who get accepted into the University of Arizona are not automatically accepted into SALT Strategic Alternative Learning Techniqueswhich is highly regarded learning disability program.

In my next post I will share questions that App says that families need to ask a disability services office when visiting a college campus.How to Write a College Essay College admissions experts offer tips on selecting a topic as well as writing and editing the essay.

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