Hospitality course

Focusing exclusively on the unique challenges of the intangible service delivery requirements of the hospitality industry, this course incorporates Six Sigma and Lean methodologies.

Hospitality course

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No issues, nothing to improve. Did not contact any support team so unable to comment on that. This custom made course, produced in consultation with the hospitality industry provides a one stop shop for those looking for a simple solution to meeting their health and safety training obligations addressing key issues including food hygiene, fire safety, cellar management, manual handling, needlesticks and anti-social behaviour.

A prelude and opening statements of the core subject material.

Hospitality course

Learn about the manual handling and movement of inanimate objects in the working environment and the techniques to use such as L. Understand what working at height within the work environment actually means with examples to demonstrate suitable Hospitality course of equipment and good practice.

Understand the key principles of fire safety and how workplace fires Hospitality course cause significant harm before reaching you. Learn about good housekeeping practices and other emergencies such as bomb threat and how they should be addressed in an emergency plan.

Learn about food hygiene principles and an explanation of requirements when preparing and handling food. Understand infection control, handling, disposal and actions to be taken in the discovery of needlesticks or syringes used for drugs.

Understand the dangers of disabling or bypassing safety features and safeguards on electrical equipment. Portable and Transportable Electrical Equipment: Understand the different types of work equipment machine guards including; Fixed, Adjustable, Automatic and Interlocking.

Learn about Emergency Stop, Trip and Two Handed control devices and the types of harm that can occur if they are removed or tampered with.

Inspections of the Workplace: Understand the importance of regular workplace inspections to ensure that hazards are identified in order to pro-actively reduce risk. Understand how to maintain cellars and why records should be kept to manage the temperature and cleanliness.

Understand how to avoid and control the cumulative effects of harmful levels of noise and where they might occur in the workplace.

These courses were developed by professors in the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University, consistently ranked among top institutions worldwide. Students connect with and learn from each other in these courses, enhancing their views on the industry while . Hospitality Course Online This is where lawyers for a car accident can help you get the compensation you deserve and also help you in the safety of the insurance company. The main source of compensation comes from insurance coverage and should therefore be a priority. Course Description: An exploration of the hospitality/lodging industry with emphasis on its history and development with relationships between hotel/lodging and suppliers. Explain the elements of the hospitality industry including food and beverage, housing, reservations, and convention services.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health: Understand the types of hazardous substances that may be found in the workplace, and their potential impacts upon health. Also provides an understanding about the types of hazard warning symbols and their meaning.

Familiarisation with key principles of the 3 types of asbestos, Chrysotile WhiteCrocidolite BlueAmosite Brown and the harm it can do, why buildings have asbestos and how is it managed.

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Drugs, Alcohol and Substance misuse: Understand why colleagues under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not permitted to undertake work on the employers' behalf and learn about support options.

Understand the identification, reporting and effective management of harassment and bullying instances at work.

Understand how to deal with anti-social behaviour using de-escalation techniques and reporting. A summary of the subject in a brief statement of key information with 'takeaway points'.

Understand legionnaires disease and the potential harmful impacts associated with the management of water systems in workplaces. Learn the sources of exposure for every-day workers, the effects on health, and how to control them.

Understand who constitutes a lone workers and which safe systems of work can be complimented. Understand the potential harm of driving for work and how to take a proactive role in health and safety when driving. Learn about and understand the surprisingly common hazards associated with home or remote working environments.

Hospitality course

Understand computer workstation safety aka DSEthe appropriate positioning of workstations and how to correct or adapt work chairs to improve an "ergonomic posture". Understand why it is important to maintain high standards of hygiene in the workplace.

Learn about an employers legal duty to protect pregnant women and their unborn children from any work-related risks and understand the elements to be considered within a risk assessment that might affect women who are pregnant, breast feeding or have given birth within the past six months.

Understand the benefits of actively communicating occupational health issues to line managers. Understand the importance of informing colleagues of who their First Aider is and that medication such as pain relief is not to be administered during first aid. This module does not replace First Aid training.

Learn about the requirements for moving office equipment, how those involved must be trained and capable and the assessment for competence under control of contractors.Degree Overview. The Chaplin School offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management available fully online and on site.

The School also operates a dual degree program in conjunction with Tianjin University of Commerce (TUC) in Tianjin, China. Special Hospitality Training Package (Hotel/Motels) (10 Videos) Safety Videos- This is a special limited time offer that we are doing from the hospitality (hotel / motel) industry.

Are you looking for postgrad or undergrad courses? Let us know for better results. This custom made course, produced in consultation with the hospitality industry provides a one stop shop for those looking for a simple solution to meeting their health and safety training obligations addressing key issues including food hygiene, fire safety, cellar management, manual handling, needlesticks and anti-social behaviour.

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