Hivaids in africa essay

Discrimination has spread rapidly, fuelling anxiety and prejudice against the groups most affected, as well as those living with HIV or AIDS. But the disease is also associated with stigma, repression and discrimination, as individuals affected or believed to be affected by HIV have been rejected by their families, their loved ones and their communities. This rejection holds as true in the rich countries of the north as it does in the poorer countries of the south. Stigma is a powerful tool of social control.

Hivaids in africa essay

The AIDS threat in Africa continues to be the leading cause of death in a country where death surrounds you everywhere you look.

Essay on hiv aids awareness

I would like to discuss how unsafe sex practices are leading to the downfall of the second largest continent in the world. AIDS is a major social problem that has major economic repercussions. Nelson Mandella once stated that "AIDS kills those on whom society relies to grow the crops, work in the mines and factories, run the schools and hospitals and govern counties It creates new pockets of poverty when parents die and children leave school early to support the remaining children.

Mandella stated though, there are many social practices that not only allow the virus to spread, but create a near perfect environment for the virus to multiply and decimate the population. Africa needs to have a major social change before the continent is destroyed by the virus.

Hivaids in africa essay

The commonness of prostitution in Africa is a big factor that contributes to the rampant spread of the AIDS virus. Countless women in Africa are forced to work as prostitutes due to the economic state that the population is in today.

Individuals in this type of situation often turn to prostitution as a way of income for the family. Many women become prostitutes thinking that after a little while they will have enough money made where they won't have to sell themselves anymore, but often find that they never have enough to finally leave the profession behind.

Preliminary statistics show that up to half of the sex workers in Africa are HIV positive. Some become infected while working, others may have contracted the disease from their infected husbands, but either way, prostitutes have a grim future that most certainly includes the AIDS virus.

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Many Africans believe that the request for a condom implies promiscuity and a lack of trust. A common thought among the African community is that wearing a condom is a definite sign of AIDS or disease therefore hurts the chance of intimacy.

The lack of access to condoms is one of the most difficult hurdles that the society faces in its struggle with the AIDS virus. A third factor relating to the spread of AIDS in Africa is the lack of widespread testing and medicine.

Of the 24 million infected with HIV, a large number of them do not know that they are infected. The lack of health care dollars in the countries that have the highest rates of people with HIV has madeHIV/AIDS: The Impact on Poverty and Inequality Prepared by Gonzalo Salinas and Markus Haacker1 Working Papers describe research in progress by the author(s) and are HIV/AIDS on welfare for selected countries under different scenarios; Section V aims to.

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Africa's AIDS Crisis. Photographer Tom Stoddart documents the fight against the disease in in sub-Saharan Africa, where AIDS kills 6, every day, leaving millions of children orphaned.

Five myths about HIV and AIDS. In sub-Saharan Africa, HIV is indeed rampant among heterosexuals, with rates among adults in South Africa, for example, as .

Read Stigma of Hiv/aids free essay and over 88, other research documents. Stigma of Hiv/aids. From the moment scientists identified HIV and AIDS, social responses of fear, denial, stigma and discrimination have accompanied the epidemic.

Oct 28,  · Persuasive Essay Kyla Blain Persuasive Paper English A continent in Crisis Current statistics for HIV/AIDS patients in Sub-Saharan Africa are both staggering and alarming. In alone, million AIDS patients in Africa died and 38 million were known to carry the disease.

This is due largely to the fact that of the. Within a few years, HIV and AIDS had become a global pandemic as the virus spread across Africa and beyond. Diagnosis If you think you may have been at risk of HIV infection (or if you are suffering from the aforementioned symptoms of HIV), go to your local genitourinary medicine clinic (GUM) immediately.

Hivaids in africa essay
Hiv and aids prevention essay