Hi write paper yellow brick

September 11, by Saugat Adhikari In the course of human evolution, at a certain point in time, the idea of living in a group with mutual understanding and dependency became a very useful and practical lifestyle. From such small isolated groups, communities were formed. Then came the societies which in due time became a civilization. How the human mentality and psychology led to this huge change is still a popular topic among the historians and anthropologist, and a major discussion for another day.

Hi write paper yellow brick

If you click on the link it details minutia that Ward sees somehow as relevant to my review. But, never let it be said that emotional hysterics cannot overcome intellect.

But, let me veer more toward the dishonesty side, now, for while there is a great deal of stupidity in the next group of people I will explore, it is their dishonesty which is the even greater sin. Agent Dishonesty That group of people is literary agents.

hi write paper yellow brick

Over the years, my wife and I have had limited success in landing literary agents. Usually, the agents are small, just starting out, and hi write paper yellow brick, therefore have little better chance of successfully placing a work than an individual has. To step back, the very nature and import of a literary agent is a tacit admission of the failures and artistic bankruptcy of most publishers, for the very profession has a parasitic quality to it.

hi write paper yellow brick

And this goes well beyond the plaint that it is the big monied corporations that are ruining literature. More books are published today than ever before, in the United States, but there are no big nor small presses that are regularly publishing great nor innovative literature on a regular basis.

Years ago there would be an Ecco Press or New Directions, and even though they were hit and miss literarily, they discovered new writers of note and hi write paper yellow brick brought foreign writers to an American audience.

Today, as almost all small presses are suckled to the teat of the grant giving machine that is the National Endowment for the Arts, they are dumbed down by both government censures, as well as their own lack of knowledge of the art of writing by decades of promoting the noxious idea that anyone can be a writer, that everyone is creative.

Yeah, and I can play basketball as well as Kobe Bryant because I can dribble a basketball.

Hi, i want you to write a white paper for me Document Preview: Write a 3,word white paper on: “Mobile network location management” The following Websites give you information on what a White Paper is and how it should be formatted. Dishonesty vs. Stupidity: Exposing The Dumbing Down Of Culture by are two Dan Schneiders in the world, both of whom are writers (albeit very different kinds), I thought I should say hi. Write back if you have time. There is a window in my cell, it is a small window that looks out onto a brick wall. The window is made of bulletproof. Brick road fragment with straight lines and rocks - vintage film effect Vanity License Plate - Maryland Abstraction of a yellow background of a brick. Abstraction of yellow brick background for backgrounds and design Yellow Brick Road - All Things Oz Museum - Chittenange, NY.

Yet, this fallacious belief has led to the last few decades of terrible writers being churned out by the thousands by the American college writing mills- and, yes, they are as cruel as puppy mills in that they swindle money from talentless hacks, and foist bad writing on the public. Is this a crime in league with Nazism or Jim Crow?

No, but it is a crime against literature, for the books that are being published, merely because of friendships, debts, or the well timed blowjob, take away slots that can be used for real writers of quality.

In other words, to break it down into an easy equation, if there are books published every year, and only five good books are produced in a year, I do not care that 95 bad books are published, as long as the 5 good ones get their due.

Think of all the talentless poetry hacks- white, black, ethnic, lesbian, gay, male, straight, Jew, etc. Almost all these people get published because of who they know, not what they write.

They gather in schools or —isms, like pond scum retreating to the dark edges of a pool so that the destroying sunlight cannot affect them. And they grow and grow.

Of course, time will weed and winnow them, but nowadays the sunlight, or criticism, does not even exist- outside of yours truly and a few other folks. Yet, the agents, who have now become the first line of defense, so to speak, for Fortress Subjectivity, seem oblivious to this fact, as well as to what constitutes good writing, or what even is saleable.

All of the ill-written titles only play into this delusive fever, so that one of the bad books will catch on for reasons that are ultimately indiscernible, and can cover the financial losses of dozens of other bad books.

Why choose us?

After all, the spate of Irish themed books that inevitably followed it, in the late s, failed to sell. When something like that hits it big- for sundry idiotic reasons unrelated to literary merit, the cycle kicks into an even more noxious mode, and the result is a spate of bad memoirs by even worse writers.

For those stating that this is merely the whining of a bitter writer on the outside looking in, this is not true, and I shall now quote from a raft of emails and rejections my wife has received for her and my works over the last few months of her querying about.

This will show that the agents in question a are clueless about quality, for I will do demonstrations of writing quality side by side, and even worse, clueless about how to even do their own jobs.

I will, though, extrapolate on some of their points. Jessica had been sending around the first book of my memoirs, True Life, to some agents, and as it is well written, mixes poetry with prose, and speaks of gangsters, art, philosophy, sex, violence, and beauty, and is truly innovative, it would seem to have a great chance at mass appeal, as well as having obvious staying power.

You can read some excerpts from it here. Yet, here is a typically stolid reply from an agent: Sincerely, AGENT Putting aside the poor punctuation and ill written nature of the email, notice how he and I use the masculine in the generic not sexual sense likely has not read more than even the first page.We've brought you the kid-friendly, therapist-tested, teacher-approved Hi-Write pad that will have fingers and pencils writing with more ease and clarity than ever before.

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Brick road fragment with straight lines and rocks - vintage film effect Vanity License Plate - Maryland Abstraction of a yellow background of a brick.

Abstraction of yellow brick background for backgrounds and design Yellow Brick Road - All Things Oz Museum - Chittenange, NY.

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