Extensible business reporting language definition translator

An interaction between a patient and healthcare provider s for the purpose of providing healthcare service s or assessing the health status of a patient.

Extensible business reporting language definition translator

Nomenclature In this document, the term 'attribute' denotes any stored property of a type defined in an object model, including primitive attributes and any kind of relationship such as an association or aggregation.

Accordingly, statements about 'archetypes' in this specification can be always understood to also apply to templates, unless otherwise indicated.

The development version of this document can be found at www. Known omissions or questions are indicated in the text with a 'to be determined' paragraph, as follows: Feedback should be provided either on the technical mailing listor on the specifications issue tracker. Tools Various tools exist for creating and processing archetypes.

extensible business reporting language definition translator

The ADL Workbench is a reference compiler, visualiser and editor. Source projects can be found at the openEHR Github project. Changes from Previous Versions For existing users of ADL or archetype development tools, the following provides a guide to the changes in the syntax. Changes The changes in version 2.

The changes with respect to 1. Backward Compatibility In its current form, the changes to the internal coding system and value set representation in ADL 2. The changes have been carefully designed to allow this conversion to be implementable, and are implemented in the ADL Workbench tool. Changes The changes in version 1.

The key semantic capability for specialised archetypes is to be able to support a differential representation, i.

Doing the latter is clearly unsustainable in terms of change management.

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The changes for ADL 1. The latter allows a deviation from the standard to include the 'W' specifier, since durations with a mixture of weeks, days etc is often used in medicine.

If no occurrences is stated, the target node occurrences value is used. Query syntax replaced by URI data type In version 1. Top-level Invariant Section In this version, invariants can only be defined in a top level block, in a way similar to object-oriented class definitions, rather than on every block in the definition section, as is the case in version 1.

It also allows the optional addition of typing information anywhere in the structure, as shown in the following example: Revision History Section Revision history is now recorded in a separate section of the archetype, both to logically separate it from the archetype descriptive details, and to facilitate automatic processing by version control systems in which archtypes may be stored.

This section is included at the end of the archetype because it is in general a monotonically growing section. Its value is still expressed as a dADL String attribute. ADL itself is a very simple 'glue' syntax, which uses two other syntaxes for expressing structured constraints and data, respectively.

The top-level structure of an ADL archetype is shown in the figure below. This main part of this document describes cADL and ADL path syntax, before going on to describe the combined ADL syntax, archetypes, specialisation, terminology integration and templates.

ADL Archetype Structure 2. An Example The following is an example of a very simple archetype, giving a feel for the syntax. Each block of braces encloses a specification for some particular set of instances that conform to a specific concept, such as 'guitar' or 'neck', defined in terms of constraints on types from a generic class model.

The leaf pairs of braces enclose constraints on primitive types such as Integer, String, Boolean and so on. File Encoding and Character Quoting 3. File Encoding Because ADL files are inherently likely to contain multiple languages due to internationalised authoring and translation, they must be capable of accommodating characters from any language.

ADL files do not explicitly indicate an encoding because they are assumed to be in UTF-8 encoding of unicode. For ideographic and script-oriented languages, this is a necessity.

The unreserved set is: In this system, unicode codepoints are mapped to either:Extensible Markup Language; Extensible Provisioning Protocol eXtensible Business Reporting Language in Czech translation and definition "eXtensible Business Reporting Language", English-Czech Dictionary online.

eXtensible Business Reporting Language urges the Commission to promote strongly the use of new technology such as eXtensible.

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