Examining the importance of internal branding

Elisabeth K Kelan martin edwards This is the uncorrected version of the book chapter published subsequently as Edwards, M. Edwards and Elisabeth K. Kelan Abstract In this chapter we explore if employer branding and diversity are diametrically opposed to each other or could support the same aims.

Examining the importance of internal branding

To view and apply our current job vacancies, please visit here. Personal Banking and Wealth Management Department Personal Banking and Wealth Management Department aims to enhance our services to the target customer segments by formulating effective business plan strategies, strategic marketing plan and performing comprehensive customer behavior analysis.

With our professional capabilities in customer segmentation product and wealth management, we continuously enhance our retail operation infrastructure to ensure efficient delivery of professional and quality banking services for enriching customer service experience, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Organize, manage and promote implementation plan, formulate business strategies, service models Examining the importance of internal branding provide professional advice on the related products so as to achieve business objectives of the Bank.

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Develop and improve the Personal Banking infrastructure construction of Cross-Border and Southeast Asia business, Mass Retail Segment, Small Enterprise Management, Mortgage and other Private Lending Business, Deposit products and actively achieve the expected market share and business targets for maximizing business profits.

Develop sales incentives and business target distribution mechanisms, channel productivity models, monitor and analyze channel performance and propose optimization solutions to achieve network optimization. Monitor human resources allocation and manage the business budget. Optimize the secretarial management and administrative effectiveness Strengthen credit information management framework and risk control.

Manage and optimize the credit system, monitoring and assurance tools for internal and external audits in accordance with the requirements of the regulations and the bank compliance policies. Manage sales and service-related processes, operating platform and the application system, develop guidelines in accordance with regulatory requirements and the bank policies.

Execute risk management and be responsible for management of rules and regulations. Channel Management Channel Management offers a full range of wealth management and financial services to personal and small enterprises customers.

With extensive branch network, automated banking facilities, global network and reliable online platform, we provide customers with flexible and convenient service channels that best meet their needs anytime anywhere.

Private Banking Private Banking consists of a team of customer relationship professionals to provide all-round and tailored wealth management solutions to high net worth customers. These include investment and consultation, fiduciary services, alternative investment options, estate planning, as well as personal and corporate banking services to help customers make flexible use of their funds, grow their wealth and fulfill their personal, family and business financial goals.

As business partners of our customers, we provide a variety of tailored products and services for Institutional Customers, including commercial loans, syndicated loans, trade finance, FX and treasury products, cash management, custody etc. Given our abundant expertise and strong track record in RMB services, we offer all-in-one RMB financing solutions, capital and money market products to enable our customers optimize RMB funds usage and to grasp the market opportunities.

Transaction Banking Department Transaction Banking Department TBD is responsible for providing tailored-made transaction banking products to corporate clients and financial institutions. We devote to product innovation, development, marketing, as well as formulation of business strategies to meet the increasingly sophisticated customer needs amid the fast-changing business environment.

To solidify our foundation for the sustainable development of our corporate banking business, we work towards establishing a global transaction banking platform, explored collaborative business model of corporate and commercial banking.

We implement the customer relationship management model in Corporate Banking by formulating business integration and cooperation mechanisms, including operational guidelines, contingency plans and execution manuals to ensure that the services offered by relationship managers comply with the regulatory requirements.

We also coordinate, communicate and work closely with Corporate Banking, Risk Management Department and other relevant departments to ensure the guidelines and plans are effectively executed.

Examining the importance of internal branding

Our trading desks trade different kinds of financial instruments, including foreign exchange, interest rates, securities and their derivatives. Investment Management The key functions of Investment Management are i to conduct short-term cash flow and liquidity management for BOCHK through inter-bank money market transactions and ii to manage the investment portfolio by way of investing in longer-term capital market instruments, primarily debt securities.

The objective of Investment Management to participate in money market operations is to achieve a reasonable return on its liquid assets while complying with all internal risk management and external regulatory requirements.

In particular, the Bank seeks to have sufficient cash and other liquid assets to handle contingencies. Investment Management also invests in longer-term securities issued by governments, central banks, public sector entities, financial institutions and corporates etc.

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In addition, the company also manages investment funds for clients and customizes discretionary investment portfolios to maximize the potential returns.

Financial Markets Management Financial Markets Management works in tandem with Financial Markets product units to ensure competence and efficiency of the Financial Markets businesses. Business and Financial Management team acts as a central unit for Financial Markets segment in the areas of business strategies, financial management and resources planning.

General Accounting and Accounting Policy Department General Accounting and Accounting Policy Department consists of a team of professionals to provide major accounting functions for the Group including financial accounting, financial compliance and product control.

We are responsible for preparing and delivering regulatory returns in a timely and accurate manner with strict compliance to relevant regulatory requirements.

What is SWOT analysis?

Another important role of the department is to organise financial disclosure matters in accordance with listing rules and regulatory requirements. We also perform product control over treasury products and conduct accounting valuation, independent price verification and perform internal control and attribution analysis about accounting valuation to ensure results being reasonable and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Risk Management Department formulates internal risk management policies, closely monitors the implementation of regulations and policies, evaluates the risk status of the Group, enhances the risk assessment methodologies, and drives the implementation of Basel Accord, in order to enhance shareholder value while maintaining risk exposures within specified limits.

LCO also performs new product due diligence on the above-mentioned risks and issues policies and procedures for the management of the said risks. FCC also provides full support to the senior management in ensuring that the overseas branches and subsidiary undertakings have adequate policies and procedures in place to comply with all the relevant legal and regulatory requirements.Nov 01,  · But have you considered the importance of minding the gap between your internal and external branding efforts?

If you haven't, prospects, clients and shareholders could very easily be get caught in the gap between brand promise and delivery. The EPA’s decision conflicts with a March report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer that found that glyphosate “probably” contributes to non-Hodgkin lymphoma in humans and classified it as a ‘Group 2A’ carcinogen.

Before examining employer branding, the focuses on internal marketing which is the most widely discussed concept at the intersection points of marketing and human resource management. Employer Branding In order to explore how far employer branding and diversity have opposing agendas, it is important to first establish what employer branding is and why it is growing, which varieties it can take and the difference it makes to employer branding whether the .

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Air Force Civilian Service. MarCom Group is currently engaged in a multi-year contract through the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) to supply custom human resources solutions to enable the U.S. Air Force to attract, retain, and manage a top-quality civilian workforce to meet the Air Force’s critical mission requirements.

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