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Dubai describing

Share on Tumblr The bespectacled Haerizadeh brother is as wacky and irreverent as ever in his latest solo show The legs of the acrylic wooden console table that Ramin Haerizadeh has stuck to the canvas of We Choose To Go To The Moon still bear the price tags from the local hardware store from which it was bought.

The distinctive font of a local newspaper in English can be identified beneath layers of collaged images, and, in the background, familiar architecture from the Persian Gulf region is just about discernible behind what is ostensibly a war-torn landscape made from cut, pasted, and manipulated photographs of bombed-out buildings.

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The table itself is piled with fake plastic fruit, and, from this sculptural centre-point, a torch-beam stream of images projects towards the top corner. Snippets of skin and body parts are visible: Are we, one might ask, supposed to be questioning the fragility Dubai describing life or witnessing some kind of new-age Messiah growing out of the soil?

Dubai describing

There are, of course, no answers to Dubai describing musings, neither from the viewer nor the artist himself. Haerizadeh is not one to postulate on concepts — he even shuns the idea of authorship, seeing his artworks as constantly fluid objects that he visits and revisits over the years until someone buys them; it is almost if they are human companions.

In this respect, the very act of hanging them on the walls is a performance. The artist himself puts it more simply: He describes his daily life as a strict ritual that involves waking up early, imagining himself as a new persona, and then going about his day in character. During these performative excursions, he collects objects and materials, which are then translated into artworks back in his studio.

BRiEf InFoRmAtIoN AbOuT DuBai:

One image, showing an overweight suit-clad man slumped behind a desk in an office, only furnished with plastic wall ornaments that Haerizadeh has inserted into the canvas, was made when his creative stream was disturbed by an unwelcome call from his bank.

Like any actor in a production, Haerizadeh does not perform alone. He is part of a trio of artists that includes his younger brother, Rokni Haerizadehand their friend Hesam Rahmanian, who live and work together and mostly produce collaborative works. The images are made from several parts of other images — mostly documentary photography from times of conflict or protest — and have been collated to make new shapes and forms.

War photography, he says, is so often dramatised to resemble iconic paintings from the Western canon. A fan of Charlie Chaplin films and Samuel Beckett plays, he believes that humour is the greatest levelling plain.

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In every piece, there is a cheeky smile lurking just below the surface. Upon it, an empty insulin-filled syringe that used to belong to his mother sits beside a cheap ceramic figure of a topless woman whose breasts serve as removable salt and pepper shakers.

They are much more personal than any of the other works, but, just as the viewer is lulled into a false sense of security, Haerizadeh carves up the moment by inserting unrelated references or objects, such as the American Hostage Crisis in Iran, D.

You can start a sentence in the middle.

Dubai describing

The title Haerizadeh chose comes from the middle of the poem, whose beginning reads: All day long, all through the night, all affairs — yours, ours, theirs — are political affairs. Whether you like it or not, your genes have a political past, your skin, a political cast, your eyes, a political slant.

To Be or Not to Be, That is the Question, and Although it Troubles the Digestion courtesy the artist and Gallery Isabelle Van Den Eynde Having left their Iranian homeland inthe trio is always living in the shadow of politics — indeed, as Szymborska would have agreed, something unavoidable in almost every walk of life.

Political or not, this is certainly a victory.Travel Writing - Dubai! The monotonous hours on the plane ended as I walked to the bus which drove the passengers to the airport.

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FILE - In this Sept. 22, file photo, laborers work at a construction site at the Palm Jumeirah, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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A new report released Tuesday, June 12, , by the Washington. They are all in Dubai and it looks like Dubai has no worldwide competition.

Honestly, is there any way to describe the meanining of “big - bigger - the biggest” in Dubai’s imaginary vision?.

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