Creative writing websites for teens

Writing Compelling Heroes Creating a hero protagonist for a story sounds simple. This is the person we care about, root for, want to protect.

Creative writing websites for teens

Sloan Foundation to be honored at the National Book Awards for his expansive work connecting literature and science This is the fourteenth year the National Book Foundation has presented its Literarian Award for Outstanding Service to the American Literary Community, which is given to an individual for a lifetime of achievement in expanding the audience for books and reading.

Doron Weber Photo credit: Doron Weber is that principle in action. Firmly committed to the marriage of science and art, Weber has spent his career working to meet readers where they are, connecting them in creative ways to new ideas and modes of thinking.

This is the fourteenth year that the Foundation has presented the Literarian Award, which is given to an individual or organization for a lifetime of achievement in expanding the audience for books and reading.

Past recipients are Dr. He has championed the work of dozens of writers and scientists, and through his Sloan program has helped guide over books to publication.

creative writing websites for teens

Throughout his career, Weber has demonstrated a commitment to the accessibility of scientific histories and information, ensuring the availability of in-depth, significant stories that are intelligible to a broad readership. Through this program, Weber has helped distribute tens of millions of dollars in grant funding to organizations that provide and safeguard public access to vast amounts of information, including Wikipedia, the Library of Congress, Digital Public Libraries of America, and more.

Weber is the co-author of three books and the author of Immortal Bird: His full bio can be found below. Nominations for the Literarian Award are made by former National Book Award Winners, Finalists, and Judges, and other writers and literary professionals from around the country.

Although his early training was in the arts and fiction-writing, he published several science books, worked at The Rockefeller University, a Nobel-filled biomedical research institute, and gradually moved into science. For over two decades, he has worked at the Alfred P.

Sloan Foundation, a philanthropy making grants in science, technology, and economics, where he currently serves as Vice President and Program Director. Weber helps commission, develop, and produce an array of culture defining products—books, radio, television, film, theatre, new media—to illuminate and humanize science for the lay public.

While Weber has developed an organization that supports thousands of screenplays, plays, teleplays, radio plays, webisodes, games, VR, and librettos, he considers books to be an anchor and critical entry point for the entire program, believing books have an outsize influence because they often represent the first serious foray into a new field where authors can uncover or synthesize new knowledge and convey it in the richest, deepest, and most nuanced way.

Books also serve as a platform to other media. He has championed stories about women scientists in every medium. At Sloan, Weber also runs the program in Universal Access to Knowledge, which seeks to harness digital information technology to make the benefits of human knowledge accessible to all.

His grantmaking has helped lead the Digital Public Library of America, a consortium of over 2, libraries, archives and museums in 50 states, and to scale Wikipedia into the largest encyclopedia in human history and the fifth largest web site in the world.

He has also been a screenwriter, speechwriter, teacher, tutor, taxi driver, romance novelist, busboy, and boxer. InWeber published Immortal Bird: He previously coauthored three books: He is currently at work on a novel. She is a graduate of the University of Virginia.Using research in the creative process and neuroscience, Rosanne Bane takes on the big issue of writing resistance in all its forms: writer’s block, procrastination, perfectionism and more.

Her weekly posts offer science-backed fixes to common problems for writers. 25 Helpful Websites for Creative Writers. Teen Ink - Designed especially for teens, this site features a writing workshop forum and a general discussion forum to help young creative writers.

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Teen Ink, a national teen magazine, book series, and website devoted entirely to teenage writing, art, photos and forums. Students must be age to participate, register and/or submit work.

Centerville Leaf eBooks Writing Contest, is once again presenting its annual creative writing contests and this year the theme/genre is best original work of fiction in mystery or drama that is presented and distributed in eBook format in North America.

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