Comparing anne bradstreet and mary rowlandson

She was never enrolled in school because educating women was unacceptable in this time. Because her father wanted her to be educated, she had many tutors that taught her what most women did not know. Bradstreet, along with her father, her husband, and fellow writer John Winthrop, immigrated to the New World and found that they were not going to be living as well as they had been.

Comparing anne bradstreet and mary rowlandson

I found it amazing that Bradstreet, a woman, was the first considering how women were looked upon in matters of literature and science. I admire her for being modest about her poetry and how she is very unassuming, but at the same time Bradstreet never gives writing poetry up. She continued to write about love, God, her suffering, and her children.

In a time where women were treated as inferior and not as intelligent, Bradstreet is an inspiration. Mary Rowlandson was strong in her faith and held on to hope throughout her ordeals. Her Indian captivity narrative was the first of its kind and began a whole collection of captivity narratives.

She was a good example that hardship can better a person. In the context of her own time period, she showed that keeping faith in God and relying upon His word and timing are all you need in life.

She finds that the Indians are not as savage as her former and fellow Puritans made them out to be. Rowlandson learns that the line between the Puritans and the Native Americans was not as big as she believes in the beginning. The Indians showed respect and civility towards her and sometimes she descended into savagery.

Rowlandson seemed to discover that civility and human decency is based on the person, not the race. It is filled with advice about God. She mentions all the times she had strayed away and God always brought her back to him.

She discusses her experience in her narrative The Sovereignty and Goodness of God, Native Americans were burning down her town, and killing many of her relatives and neighbors. Most of her family is taken from her during this time. Her youngest is kept with her, but they are both severely injured and the child eventually dies.

Rowlandson is then sold to another Native American and is visited by her other children to whom she reads a bible one of the Indians gave her after another raid. She believes the Indians are running from the English Army and they keep moving around. They meet up with King Philip and Rowlandson discovers that the Indians will trade her food and other resources for her work as a seamstress.

Comparing anne bradstreet and mary rowlandson

During her captivity she is treated with a combination of kindness and cruelty from her captors. Rowlandson experiences kindness from some of the other Indians who let her ride on the horse when her and her child could no longer walk after they were first captured due to injuries.

There were also Native Americans who would shelter her and feed her when Wettimore turned her back on Rowlandson.This goes for A Narrative of Captivity and Restoration of Mrs.

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Mary Rowlandson by Mary Rowlandson and "Upon the Burning of Our House" by Anne Bradstreet. Both of these literary pieces has references to God and the bible in them, which is a main characteristic of Puritan writing.

Comparing anne bradstreet and mary rowlandson

Sep 09,  · September 14 - Bradstreet and Rowlandson Anne Bradstreet was a woman, a poet, and a Puritan. Bradstreet as a woman - she was very self-conscious about being a female poet The "lesson" in Mary Rowlandson's captivity story is that you should always keep faith in God.

Mary Rowlandson and Anne Bradstreet were two different women both having strong religious beliefs. Their strong Puritan values allowed them to survive the rigorous struggles that they endured in their lives. Anne Bradstreet V Mary Rowlandson Anne Bradstreet's work "The Prologue" shed light a a few great writers who overcame difficulties and how Anne herself was trying to overcome being a .

Anne Bradstreet (c) and Mary Rowlandson (c) arrived in the New World to be part of a religious and social «errand» which demanded, among other things, their obedience firstly to God's law and, secondly, to males as. Mary Rowlandson’s narrative describes her struggle to survive as her family members perished by the hands Indians.

Quite the contrary, Anne Bradstreet was the most light-hearted of these authors. Bedridden from a rheumatic fever, she composed poems of encouragement and hope.

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