A focus on the main character elie and his family in the novel night

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A focus on the main character elie and his family in the novel night

Wiesel grew up in Sighet, a small town in Translyvania. He is a strict Orthodox Jew who is tutored by Moshe the Beadle. When all foreign Jews are expelled, Moshe is deported.

He returns to Sighet with horrific tales. Fascists gain control in Hungary and allow the Nazis to come. The Jews of Sighet remain in denial that anything bad will happen to them. Days later, the town is ordered to evacuate.

Eliezer's family is part of the last group.

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Their former Gentile servant, Martha, warns them of impending danger and offers them a place of refuge. Eliezer and his townsmen are packed into cattle cars and suffer terribly. One woman, Madame Schacter, continually screams of a fire.

She is silenced by her fellow prisoners. As the train arrives at Birkenau, they see smoke rising from chimneys and are inundated with the horrific smell of burning flesh. The first selection occurs.

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Eliezer and his father lie about their age and avoid the crematorium. As they walk to Auschwitz they pass a pit of burning babies. When they arrive in their barracks they are disinfected with gasoline, receive a tattoo, and are dressed in prison clothes.

Eliezer's father asks to go to the bathroom and is clobbered by a kapo. The prisoners are then escorted to Buna, a work camp four hours away. Wiesel emphasizes the human failure to comprehend just how evil humans can be. He and his family are warned several times to flee, yet they and the town find the truth impossible.

Wiesel's primary goal in publishing Night is to prevent another Holocaust from happening. He emphasizes the need to be aware of evil in the world and to believe first hand accounts of it. His recounting of the miserable conditions on the cattle cars and the horrific events he witnesses at Birkenau are examples of first hand accounts that must be taken seriously in order to prevent something as horrible from happening again.

At Buna Eliezer is summoned by the dentist to have his gold crown removed. The dentist, he discovers, is hanged. Eliezer's only focus is to eat and stay alive. He is savagely beaten by the kapo, Idek and is consoled by a French worker, whom he meets years after the war.

The prison foreman, Franek, notices Eliezer's gold crown and demands it. Franek beats Eliezer's father and he gives up the crown.

A focus on the main character elie and his family in the novel night

Eliezer catches Idek having sex with a female French worker. Idek whips him mercilessly and warns him that one word of what he saw will result in more severe punishment. During an air raid two cauldrons of soup are left unattended.

A focus on the main character elie and his family in the novel night

A prisoner crawls to them and is shot right before eating some. The Nazis erect a gallows at camp and hang three prisoners, the last one, a boy loved by all, causes even the most jaded of prisoners to weep.

It is late summer and another selection occurs. This time Eliezer's father is on the wrong side. He gives his spoon and knife to his son. Eliezer rejoices as he returns and discovers there was another selection and his father still lives. Eliezer hurts his foot and is sent to the infirmary.

He hears rumors of Russians approaching. The Nazis evacuate the camp. Eliezer assumes infirmary patients will be killed so he leaves. He discovers later that the patients were liberated the next day.Who is Elie Wiesel? Elie Wiesel says in Night that he grew up in a “little town in Translyvania,” and his father was a well-known, respected figure within the Hasidic Orthodox Jewish timberdesignmag.comr, Sanford Sternlicht tells us that Maramurossziget, Romania had a population of ninety thousand people, of whom over one-third were Jewish Some say it was almost half.

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Fox Wins Night as Key a focus on the main character elie and his family in the novel night NBC Series Falls to Season Low. This causes. This causes. A set of characters from Ms. Seymore about the book "Night", by Elie WIesel. Night Characters study guide by ZhangA includes 42 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more.

The narrator, protagonist, and main character. Since he is a Jewish teenager living in Romania during Hitler's occupation and reign, he is persecuted and .

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